Sébastien Robert (b. 1993, France) is an interdisciplinary artist investigating disappearing Indigenous rituals through his on-going research You’re no Bird of Paradise. Rather than simply documenting them, Sébastien explores in-depth their sonic, visual and contextual characteristics while translating them into long-lasting works of art made of endemic materials.

Based on a site-specific, versatile and collaborative approach, his research spawns singular projects influenced by the field experience, the material gathered and the theoretical research carried out before, during and after his expeditions. Whether in the form of hybrid installations or performances, Sébastien searches for possibilities to create an understanding of the connections between Indigenous knowledge and the planet in a non-extractivist way.

Sébastien’s work has been recently exhibited at FIBER Festival (Amsterdam, NL), MU ArtSpace (Eindhoven, NL) and Global Seed Vault (Svalbard, NO) and he has performed at various international venues such as Magick City (Brooklyn, US), Dommune (Tokyo, JP) and OHM (Berlin, DE). Sébastien graduated from the Interfaculty ArtScience (MA) at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague with honours in 2020.

AUG 12 - AUG 19, 2018
The Forgotten Melodies of Phleng Arak

APR 26 - MAY 26, 2019
The Kultrun of Cañon del Blanco

The Taskiwin of High Atlas